Prince William County voters in Neabsco District will choose between Democrat Victor Angry and Republican Devinder Singh in the special election April 9 for supervisor.

The winner of the special election will begin his term later that month and serve until Dec. 31.

The county is holding a special election to fill the remaining term of former Supervisor John Jenkins, a Democrat, who he died Feb. 6.

Neither candidate has previously run for public office.

Angry is a retired command sergeant major in the U.S. Army National Guard, a Dale City volunteer firefighter, motivational speaker and leadership instructor for a business he co-owns, Echo 9 Solutions.

Singh is a businessman who owns four 7-Eleven stores in Prince William and Fairfax counties, and manages more than 40 employees.

Both Angry and Singh said they want to attract more businesses to the Neabsco District so residents have the option of working in the county and avoiding long commutes.

If elected, Angry said he would push to improve alternative transportation, such as public transportation, commuter vans and even extending Metro’s Blue Line to the county from its current terminus in Springfield.

“So we still have more issues to figure out how to keep people moving around,” Angry said. “It’s not just about widening the roads. It’s about commuter vans, buses; I’m excited about that.”

Singh said he would want to work on improving bus service — or even starting a public-private partnership with a bus service — to help more people get to VRE stations.

“We need some strong transportation in place,” Singh said.

Both candidates said they want to give back to their community.

As a volunteer firefighter, Angry said he is always thinking about protecting people’s lives. He said he would approach public office the same way.

“I want people to enjoy their family,” he said.

After living in Prince William County for 26 years and having children attend Prince William County Public Schools, Singh says public office is a chance to give back.  

“I have solid experience running a business,” he said. “I think I can transfer that to run the county.”

If elected, Singh said, he would focus on improving transportation and economic development. He also said providing tax incentives to small businesses and reducing class sizes in the school division are important.

“I’m living the American dream,” Singh said. “And I want to make prosperity for all, so everyone has a chance to live the American dream.”

Singh is campaigning on three values: accountability, integrity and prosperity. He said he’s been accountable to his customers.

“I’m going to be 100 percent accountable, similar to my business,” he said.

Angry said he would continue to develop relationships with key players in the community to try to find new solutions to the county’s problems.

“We’ve had the same conversations for so long; there’s something we’re not agreeing on, so I want to be that change,” Angry said.

If elected, Angry said, he would be the first African-American supervisor in the county.

“I think there’s opportunity there to have some different ideas, to look at those collective [problems],” Angry said.

While that’s historic, he said he doesn’t want people to vote for him for that reason alone.

“I want people to see who I am and how I operate,” he said. “What’s really important is I understand leadership.”

The winner of the special election will serve until the end of the year, but the Neabsco District seat will be on the ballot Nov. 5 for a full, four-year term. Both Angry and Singh said they want to run for the full term for Neabscosupervisor.

The Democratic Primary on June 11 will determine the party’s candidate in November, and includes Angry along with two other Democrats: Patrick Jones and Aracely Panameno.

Source: Inside Nova

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