Key Issues

Effective and Actionable


Victor is honored to have the opportunity to help fulfill the vision of our late Democratic Supervisor, John Jenkins, who served our community tirelessly for more than three decades.


Victor will build on the success of Supervisor Jenkins and his legacy on issues like these.

Creating Local Jobs

Victor knows that the first step to creating opportunity for all in our community is helping attract employers, and supporting local businesses that are creating jobs.  Victor will help our local entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed by working closely with community leaders like Democratic State Senator Jeremy McPike and Democratic Delegates Hala Ayala, Elizabeth Guzman and Luke Torian to create an environment where any small business owner who works hard for their dream can succeed.

High-Quality School For Our Kids

As the parent of two PWC public school students, Victor knows that education is the key to lifelong success. He’ll work closely with Democratic Chair of the School Board Dr. Babur Lateef to increase teacher pay, reducing class sizes and improving the safety and security of our classrooms, so every child can graduate ready for the college or career of their choosing.

Reducing Traffic Congestion

Victor believes that we need to spend less time in traffic, and more time with our families.  That’s why he supports Democratic State Senator Scott Surovell’s plan to bring Metro’s Blue Line to Woodbridge, and will work for transit solutions that help connect our community to others, so workers and families can move safely and smoothly across Northern Virginia.

Clean Air & Water

Victor knows that clean air and clean water can disproportionately impact communities like the Neabsco District – including our families’ health. That’s why he supports strong environmental standards, and more mass transit options that take polluting cars off our roads.


Victor believes in a Virginia that is welcoming and provides an opportunity for all of its residents to succeed and live happy and healthy lives.  Immigrants within our county work hard, contributes to the community, and are our neighbors.  That’s why he agrees with Delegate Elizabeth Guzman in fighting for a more inclusive District where all ethnicities are welcome.

Working Families

Victor believes that people who work hard and play by the rules should be able to afford to live with dignity; raise a family and be a participating voice in the community. As Neabsco District Supervisor, Victor will continue to honor and build on John Jenkins legacy in taking care of working families.  

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